FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl


FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl is a private wealth investment structure (SPF — Société de Gestion de Patrimoine Familial). It is set up under the legal form of a private limited liability company (Sàrl).

The purpose of FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl Luxembourg is limited to the acquisition, holding, management and disposal of financial assets, with any type of commercial activity prohibited. The shares are exclusively held by eligible investors who are:

• individuals managing their private wealth

• private wealth entities acting for one or several individuals

• Intermediaries acting on behalf of private investors.

FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl does issue public bonds and cannot be listed on the stock market. The assets that held are financial instruments such as shares in companies, other securities equivalent to shares/units in companies, undertakings for collective investment, bonds and other forms of debt instruments, as well as cash and assets of any kind held in a bank account. This includes investments in structured products or derivatives, put/call options on securities, indexes and currencies.

FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl also holds participations in the share capital or the voting rights of other companies, but only to the extent the Luxembourg SPF does not involve itself in the management of these companies. It does not render any kind of services, including granting interest bearing loans, even to companies in which the Luxembourg SPF holds a participation. It does not perform any trading or commercial activity or earn fees of any kind and it cannot hold real estate directly.

FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl does make advances or guarantee liabilities of a company in which it holds a participation, but only on an ancillary and non-paid basis. A maximum debt/equity ratio of 8:1 applies. As a Luxembourg SPF it is exempt from corporate income tax, municipal business tax and net worth tax, provided it does not derive 5% or more of its dividend income from non-resident and non-listed companies which are not subject to income tax comparable to Luxembourg income tax (EU companies qualify if they fall within Article 2 of the EU Parent Subsidiary Directive, while for others a 10.5% minimum tax rate on comparable basis is requested).

FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl is subject to a fixed capital duty of €75 and to subscription tax at a rate of 0.25% on its share capital, including any share premium. The minimum is €100 and the maximum is €125,000 a year. Subscription tax also applies to the part of the debt that exceeds the debt/equity ratio of 8:1, as this part will be reclassified into equity and, thus, subject to subscription tax in the same way as share capital.

FSPT Holdings SPF Sàrl is not protected by European Union Directives or double tax treaties. No withholding taxes are imposed on dividends, interest and royalties distributed to shareholders.

Further enquiries regarding acquisition, holding, management and disposal of financial assets, may be addressed to:

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