SICAV, Luxembourg investment funds SICAFs

The Investment Fund (SICAV) Société d'Investissement à Capital Variableis a separate legal entity. It has the legal form of a limited company and has variable share capital, corresponding to each time the net asset value of the Fund.

In the mutual fund (SICAFs) Société d'Investissement à Capital Fixe it also is equipped with a legal personality of company with committed capital, which either open or closed rear operi t.

SICAV SICAFs subject in Luxembourg to the approval, supervision and control by the Financial Market Authority (CSSF).

In Luxembourg-domiciled SICAV, SICAFs are exempt from income tax, capital gains tax and withholding tax. Only a tax d'subscription of 0.05% pa of the net assets of the Fund will be charged.

The funds have to regularly produce reports. The accounts and annual reports are to certify by an approved auditor in Luxembourg.

SICAV SICAFs must appoint a custodian, which has its headquarters in Luxembourg. The Custodian conducts oversight of the fund's assets, ensure that the issue and redemption of shares and interests in accordance with the legal regulations and to provide the income or profits are used in accordance with the Articles of Association.

The investment manager or consultant require approval by the Financial Services Authority. There are no restrictions on the nationality of the person or company that the fund manages or acts as a consultant.

The instrument is only suitable for professional, institutional investors such as banks and insurance companies.

For information about participation contact The Sole Manager.



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